• Industrial automation (ACS TP);
  • ACS electric drive;
  • Power supply;
  • Modernization of CNC machines;
  • Electric installation;
  • Manufacturing of NKU;
  • Electrical measurements.


uslugiDesigning of automated process control systems and power supply

The activity of our company is aimed at the development and implementation of integrated solutions (“turnkey”) in the systems of automation of technological processes and power supply based on equipment of leading manufacturers.

The projects are implemented by highly qualified personnel, who have the appropriate education and rich experience in working with the mining and metallurgical complex, oil and gas and food industries, machine-building plants and enterprises for the production of building materials.

The design office develops automated process control systems and power supply systems in the following areas:

  • Design of automatic process control systems;
  • Design of systems for dispatching and management of engineering systems;
  • Design of low-voltage complete installations (NKU);
  • Design of DC and AC drive systems;
  • Design of power distribution systems;
  • Design of automated systems of technological protection and interlocks;
  • Designing of systems of the automated technical account of the electric power (ASTUE);
  • Design of cable routes and lighting systems;
  • Preparation of technical and commercial proposals.

During the design, the following work is carried out:

  • Assessment of the initial state of the automation object;
  • Definition of the basic tasks of automation and requirements to the automated control system;
  • Drawing up the plan for the creation of the system, the timing and expected results of their implementation;
  • Estimation of cost performance indicators;
  • The technical task for the system as a whole and its main components (subsystems, software and hardware systems and facilities, individual tasks, etc.), approved by the Customer;
  • Development of design solutions;
  • Development and execution of documentation for the supply of products for the acquisition of an automated system.

After drawing up the project documentation and agreeing all the wishes with the Customer on our own production, our company manufactures equipment.

uslugiManufacture and supply of switchboard equipment.

We are partners of such companies as Siemens, ABB, Phoenix Contact, LappKabel, Rittal, TVD, AVM-AMPER, cooperation with such brands gives us the opportunity to manufacture and supply high-quality products on the most favorable terms.

Qualified assemblers are working in the following areas:

  • Assembly and installation of cabinets, assembly of panels, control panels;
  • Performance of electrical work at the customer's site;
  • Check switching equipment and electrical tests.

Under your order, our specialists will perform the necessary equipment, work out the best price-quality ratio for the supplied equipment and their components. In the absence of components in the warehouse, our company will supply the complete set directly from the manufacturer and the world's leading distributors in the shortest possible time.

uslugiStarting-up and adjustment works (commissioning)

Successful commissioning and further uninterrupted operation of the installed equipment is guaranteed by professional implementation of commissioning. Competence, responsibility and attentiveness of employees of our company will ensure the detection of malfunctions in the system, their elimination and correct operation of the equipment.

Specialists of our company perform service and commissioning (commissioning) in the following areas:

  • The automated electric drive;
  • Automated control systems;
  • Systems of automation of technological processes and engineering equipment;
  • Power distribution systems (KTP, RPU, etc. write)

Commissioning (Commissioning) may include the following steps:

  • The development of the program of installation and commissioning;
  • Installation and connection of equipment;
  • Checking of incoming control of technical means;
  • Testing of electrical circuits before commissioning;
  • Adjustment of individual units and devices;
  • Software debugging and parameterization of equipment;
  • Correction of settings, optimization of algorithms and interrelations between the control system subsystems;
  • Carrying out acceptance tests and registration with appropriate documentation.

uslugiService and technical support of automated process control and power supply systems

The company “ГСМ” is ready to provide its experience and professional skills to help in the maintenance and adjustment of electrical equipment, process control and power supply.

Our specialists can help you with the following issues:

  • Assistance with the initial installation and activation of software;
  • Providing information about the basic functions of the product;
  • Consultations on the issues of tuning and maintaining the operability of ACS systems;
  • Solution of technical problems, implementation of warranty and post-warranty maintenance of electrical equipment.


idiasSolutions in metallurgy

  • Automation of the process of charging and charging of charge to the blast furnace;
  • Automation of control systems and electric drive converter;
  • Automation of coke machines.

idiasSolutions in the mining and processing industry

Extraction and enrichment of minerals.

Enrichment of minerals — is a set of methods and processes of primary processing of mineral raw materials with a view to concentrating valuable components by removing waste rock and separating minerals. The economic significance of mineral processing is that the subsequent processing of enriched raw materials is much cheaper than that of primary ore.
Mining is carried out in an open way (in quarries) or underground (in mines). Enrichment of minerals is carried out at concentrating factories, which are independent structures or are part of mining and metallurgical or mining and metallurgical plants.



Features of process control system:

The automation of the mechanisms of the crushing plants is aimed at increasing the efficiency of the crushing and transport equipment, reducing energy costs for the division of crushing, improving the quality of the finished product, ensuring the rhythm of work and prompt management.

In the fragmentation control subsystem, the following functions are distinguished:

  • Control of the loading of crushers;
  • Control loading of the bunker of the main building;
  • Calculation of technical and economic performance of the redistribution;
  • Exchange of information with the general control system of management.

One of the main tasks of managing the processes of ore crushing is the automatic regulation of ore loading of medium and fine crushers. Control of the loading of crushers is aimed at ensuring the maximum possible productivity at a given size of crushed ore.

When automating the processes of ball grinding and the classification of ores, provision is made for the specified values ​​of the three main process parameters:

  • Loading the ore mill;
  • Pulp density in the mill;
  • Density of pulp on the sink of the classifier (hydrocyclone).

The main control factors are the following:
The amount of ore and water entering the mill, as well as the water flow to the classifier.

Technological tasks of the automated process control system:

  • Splitting up;
  • Grinding;
  • Storage and management of cargo flows;
  • Screening;
  • Classification and separation of ore materials;
  • Pumping of pulp;
  • Maintenance of continuity and stability of technological processes (intrafabricated transportation of raw materials and products of enrichment, water supply, supply with compressed air);
  • Maintenance of ore levels in bunkers.

The process control system of a crushing and dressing factory is a complex of technical means for automatic collection, processing and presentation of information, mathematical support in the form of algorithms and operating instructions for operational personnel that provide real-time control of the technology, equipment and service personnel in accordance with specified criteria.

idiasSolutions in the building materials industry

  • The automation system of a cement mill in a closed cycle;
  • The system of automation of loading, storage and unloading of cement silos;
  • ACS TP of cement production in a “dry” way.

idiasSolutions in the food industry

  • ACS TP of the elevator;
  • Automation of the malt production process;
  • Automation of the process of seed production.

idiasSolutions in other areas

  • Computer aided design and execution system SISTEP FRAMEWORK

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