Hydraulic Shaft Couplings

The main parts of the JHC coupling are the inner sleeve and the outer hub. The fitting surfaces of the sleeve and hub are slightly tapered. By driving the outer hub onto the inner sleeve, it is generated an interference fit with the shaft.

The press fit required for the JHC coupling is defined by expansion of the hub. It may also be defined by the axial drive-up distance of the hub onto the tapered sleeve.

Dismounting is done in a similar way: the friction between the tapers is overcome by injecting oil.

Features and Benefits:

The main advantage of JHC couplings is its simplicity for mounting and dismounting. This operation can be done without any special tooling or gauge manufactured specially for it and can be carried out in a short period of time. Only a high-pressure oil pump is needed for the mounting and dismounting.

Other advantages:

  • No need of heating or cooling of the parts.
  • Shaft dose not need to have any special shape.
  • Due to its specific fitting method, it can be mounted and dismounted several times, without the shafts getting worn.
  • Easy to adjust to its desired position before mounting it, by rotating and/or moving axially.
  • Thanks to its engineered design, stresses are uniformly spread when transmitting the torque. The whole contact surface between parts transmits torque.
  • Can withstand high shock loads.