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The beginning of the history of the company that produced the STM gearbox
S.T.M. was formed in the 70s of the last century. More than forty years have passed since the opening of the first small workshop, and during this time a very large amount of equipment for industrial needs has been produced under this brand: gear motors, worm gear motors, coaxial gear motors, industrial gear reducers, planetary gears, electric motors, etc. other drive technology for equipping production.
New Millennium S.T.M. met with the purchase of GSM S.P.A., which allowed us to increase its rating in the market of manufacturers of special equipment by increasing production capacity and expanding the range of equipment offered. At the moment, the company has an annual turnover of about 83 million euros, which characterizes it as an industrial giant in the development and production of high-tech gear motors and gearboxes.

STM products available to Ukrainian consumers.
Our company, as the official distributor of stm in Ukraine, invites you to familiarize yourself with the characteristics of several types of gearboxes.

Industrial planetary gear units STM
To buy an STM gearbox from the planetary industrial series is worth those in whose production shock loads are provided, since the equipment of this category is the most suitable for this type of work. Its advantages include:

The largest selection of equipment in terms of overall characteristics – in the line, you can choose an STM geared motor that will most suit your production in terms of size.
The efficiency of each representative is 90%.
The assembly principle is modular, therefore gearboxes of this type are suitable for the individual characteristics of any production.
Torque up to 4,500,000 Nm.
Industrial series of GSM reducers
Despite the fact that the name contains the abbreviation GSM, STM is engaged in the release of this type of product, so the quality of this equipment is not much different from other equipment manufactured by this company.
Gearboxes of this type are often used by enterprises in the energy, medium and heavy industry. This is due to the fact that:

Gearboxes of the industrial GSM series have a wide range of standard sizes.
High torques of up to 692,000 Nm for every industry.
The body of the devices is made of ductile iron or steel – this point depends on the needs of the client.
All samples of this series have high load capacity, corrosion resistance, maximum noise insulation.
Why WE are the best official STM distributor
These several reasons will allow you to make a choice in favor of our company:

By ordering STM products from us, we guarantee that they will be delivered as soon as possible.
We are engaged not only in the supply of equipment, but also accompany the entire process with high-quality warranty service and advice on the operation of the equipment provided.
The cost of our services withstands any competition.
In the absence of the required model on the site, we are ready to accept an order for development according to your drawings.
We accept orders from all over Ukraine.
All of the above characterizes us as specialists in the supply of drive mechanisms from one of the most renowned brands in the drive equipment industry.